Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm

What To Expect?

Community- We engage in community by hanging out and eating a meal before each youth group. It’s great way for us to talk about things we’ve experienced through the week while catching up with friends. We play a game after the meal to relax, energize and build camaraderie. 2-3 times a month we do small groups because it feels more comfortable sharing one’s heart in a smaller setting. We believe small groups are where big life change happens. 

Worship- Worship is at the center of who we are. We sing along every week with our youth-lead worship band. When we sing songs and absorb messages that are relevant to our age group, it inspires us to live lives that are honorable before God and our fellow men. Worship deepens our love for God and increases our spiritual maturity.

Serving- We believe in living a life bigger than self. By serving our community and people in need, we find purpose and contentment in our lives. Serving prepares us for future success by adding value and trust with the people we serve. Seeking nothing in return, we honor God by doing for others.

What We Value

The Mechanicsburg Christian Fellowship Youth Group exists to introduce and develop young people into a deeper relationship with God so they can share that love with the world.