Renovation Plan By COD

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  1. Darren Taylor says:

    After listening to the presentation on Sunday I feel like we are over looking a few items.
    1) The first item that I feel needs addressed and everyone has wondered or spoken of this in private is why has the population of the church declined so dramatically. This needs addressed and fixed. The main goal of any church rehab, or expansion is to fill those seats. Whether you like it or not a church is a business, and our business is failing or declining at this point.
    2) I feel like the surrounding community has a image of the this church that is not real, and the church (as I see it ) has done nothing to change or correct this image. We are not reaching out to the surrounding community’s to let them know we are a Christian based church that is very concerned about the community and or community’s around us. We are more concerned with supporting organizations somewhere else in the world. The stigma of this church being a Mennonite church has to change.
    3) So if we look at the biggest issues, how do we change these? First I believe at all costs a nice sign needs to be place at the intersection of Allison road and route 29. This sign has to have a digital aspect to it so travelers can see what the heck is going on in the building that sits way back up on the hill. A lot of people don’t even realized that there is a church back there. You know what they say about location, location…our location isn’t that bad, it is our promotion / advertising that stinks. So this raises the question if we fix up the interior of the church how will anyone know about it, this does nothing to attract people to the building. Do the road appeal first. Form a committee of people from the church that have accounting experience, construction experience,concrete experience. No one should be an elder or a minister. the committee will report to them, and they must be open to the truth, and be willing to make sacrifices between needs and wants. We have to fix the bleeding / exodus of the church first, it is not fair that you ask for more, more, more and not address this issue in the grand scheme of things.

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