Worship defined:
God loves us. Plain and simple. Without condition. As we come to understand this amazing love from an infinite, holy God, we are moved to love Him back. The Bible defines our expressed love to God and our response to His greatness as worship. Thus every aspect of our lives that honors God in response to what He has done for us becomes worship directed to Him.

On Sunday mornings we set aside a block of time to worship God through music. We sing with our voices, we play instruments, we clap our hands, we shout to the Lord, and we may even dance in His presence. We believe that God wants us to be free as take time to express our worship to Him through song and music.

The worship ministry of MCF exists so people can know and experience the touch and reality of a powerful God. As we become more aware of His presence, He awakens our hearts and causes us to desire and pursue knowing Him more. We worship God because He is holy and because He commands that we worship Him alone. We know that worship is more than a music filled time slot Sunday mornings, it’s a life that gives glory to God in every aspect. We use music to present God and encourage each of us to respond to who He is.

We know that it is the Holy Spirit that will bring people into a place of worship; a place where our minds and hearts are focused on God and His glory. As we sing and praise God, responding to who He is, we find that our hearts are changed as we encounter the presence of a living God. We desire to experience God in fresh, life changing ways through music and to encourage all of us to continue developing a life that worships God.

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