What We Value

Here at MCF, we know that God desires a relationship with everyone, even the youngest of children. Our children’s groups are meant to help a child learn about God at an age-appropriate level. 

We use GO Curriculum. 

Statement of Faith:

God: God is One God who exists in three persons—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-present, and all-loving. God is the creator of all things, and all things belong to Him.

Jesus: Jesus is God, who became a person through the beautiful and mysterious conception of the Holy Spirit. He is forever both fully God and fully man. Jesus lived a sinless life that culminated in his voluntary death on the cross, which in turn satisfied God’s divine justice and made salvation available to all who trust in Christ alone. Three days later, Jesus rose from the dead in his glorified body and ascended to heaven, where he sits at God’s right hand, serving as a mediator between God and man.

Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit reveals Christ to the world. He convicts sinners and draws them into a new life with Jesus. From the moment of life through Christ, the Holy Spirit dwells within the new believer until the day of redemption.

Salvation: Although people are sinful and therefore separated from God, God still loves us and through His eternal grace has offered us a plan of redemption through Jesus. God offers His free gift of salvation to everyone who believes that Jesus died and rose from the dead and who accept Him as their savior. Salvation through Jesus is wholly and completely a free gift and is not in any way obtained through the work or good behavior of people.

The Bible: The Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, is the verbally inspired word of God, his truth, his heart, and his purpose for the world. It is the final authority for faith and practice, inerrant in the original writings, infallible, and God-breathed.

Service begins at 10 a.m.! We implement Family Worship, where children remain with their families for the worship portion in the main sanctuary and will be dismissed for classes (plus Nursery) afterward.

What To Expect

Parent’s Heart/MCF Family Room A cozy room with comfortable seating, including rocking chairs, a changing table, and more! Feel free to take your little one for care by you, the parent. This room located in the back corner of the sanctuary. It is also accessible from the hall.

Sweet Hearts Nursery (0 - 3 years old) Caring adults and teens staff our nursery for your little ones. Here your little one can play with other youngsters in a safe, loving environment while during the remainder of the service. This nursery is located in our children's area, just beyond the children's check-in station.  The nursery is staffed after Family Worship in the main sanctuary.

What To Expect

Tender/Loving Hearts (4 - 6 year olds) Our caring teacher teams combine a Bible lesson, prayer time, play, and snack time to provide a safe, loving atmosphere for your child to spend their morning with us. This group meets in their designated room, heads to the Youth room for Kid's worship, and breaks for small group until the end of service. (Outside play weather & time permitting.)

Seeking Hearts (7 – 11 yrs) Children’s Church is a multi-age group where our staff desires to provide your child with knowledge to grow deeper in their relationship with God. Through Bible lessons and hands-on activities, we explore God’s Word in a fun and exciting way! This group meets in the youth room after Family Worship and remains there until the end of service. (Outside play weather & time permitting.)

456 Preteens: This group meets on various Sundays. Students may decide with their parents whether to stay in the main sanctuary for the service, or attend class. Here they will get a message geared for them and have a time of discussion, sharing and prayer. (*5th graders may also choose to remain in the Children’s Church group)


For the safety of your children and our staff, we have an electronic check-in system. We use Planning Center. The station is located at the entrance to the children's area in the Commons outside of the sanctuary. Please stop by and register before dropping heading to the sanctuary.  Thank you!