Student Ministry


  • We exist to form a community of transforming hearts lovingly devoted to Jesus and one another, hoping to bring light to the world and invite others to join us in our journey.

  • Welcome Time - For about the first 5 minutes we allow for students to arrive. When you enter youth group, you'll be met by friendly faces to greet you and make sure you feel welcome.

    Game - We will then transition with some kind of game. If you want, you are welcome to join in on the fun!

    Worship - After our game we will move into a time of worship. Worship allows our hearts and minds to become focused on God. This usually lasts about 15-20 minutes.

    Bible Teaching - After focusing our hearts and minds on God through a time of worship we then open up our Bibles to learn more of who God is. We love our Bibles. Our messages are biblical, relevant, and applicable to the circumstances in your life. 

    Small Groups - After each lesson, we separate into groups to talk more about the lesson, answer questions, and pray for one another. 

    Meal/Snack - After groups finish, we gather in the kitchen for a meal or snack. If it's warm enough outside, we will open up the doors and students are free to play some basketball or just chill.