1. Our Sunday service starts at 10:00. There is no dress code, wear whatever makes you comfortable.

2. We start with worship. The music is contemporary.

3. We will dismiss for Children’s Church around 10:40.

4. Announcements. Usually short, but there will be the occasional special announcement or video.

5. Offering. One way we show God our trust is by giving Him our tithe, or 10% of our income. As our guest, please you may give or not give as you feel led.

6. Prayer Circles. On occasions we will gather together in groups of 3-5 people to pray for each other and special needs as a group. If you are uncomfortable praying aloud, just join a group and let others do the praying.

7. Sermon. Each message is about 45 minutes long and focuses on unpacking scripture and see how God wants to challenge us in our lives today.

8. We celebrate communion on 5th Sundays. If that’s today, we invite you to celebrate it with us.

9. We close each morning with a time of ministry at the altar. If something about the morning has touched you, or you have questions about what you have experienced, you can go forward for prayer or to talk to a pastor.

10. Dismissal. The service ends between 11:45 and Noon. Stay and visit, make new friends, meet the pastor and see what your kids did in Children’s Church.